Urban Farming with Duckweed

Urban farming is gaining rapidly in popularity around the globe as a means to reconnect with nature, live more sustainably, and have more control over our food quality and availability. Oftentimes, such "city farming" includes raising edible plants and small animals and fish in small footprints. Duckweed is a important, effective tool in cleansing wastewater from animal production and using it either as an animal feed supplement or as a natural green fertilizer for intensively grown gardens. 

Putting duckweed to practical peri-urban farm use for the past three years  is Tamra Fakhoorian, Executive Director of the ILA. She uses manure from area farmers to grow continual crops of duckweed, and uses it  as an organic soil builder/green manure crop for vegetables, as well as a valuable nitrogen source for compost and vermiculture bins. Tamra also uses excess duckweed in BSF (Black Soldier Fly) production. She feeds the high protein larvae to fish. Read more about her ongoing explorations with duckweed at www.DuckweedGardening.com 

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