ILA Webinar Series

"Duckweed for Poultry and Tilapia"

Love saving money on feed costs and raising healthier fish and poultry? We do too and that is why we LOVE duckweed.


If you’ve ever wondered:

- How to wild harvest duckweed for feeding to chickens or tilapia

- How to raise tilapia and duckweed in a win/win integrated system

- How to raise duckweed in a small pond using animal waste

- How much duckweed should be fed to fish or poultry


We’ve assembled a panel of hands-on experts to describe the “How To’s” and answer your questions.



Meet David Beebe of Cherry Ridge Organic Farm, Middlebrook, VA. David raises tilapia and uses duckweed to cleanse tank water and then feeds the resulting duckweed to his tilapia. This reduces his feed costs by a large percentage.


Ken Carman, naturalist and manager of Roxbury Park, Meggett, SC.
Ken has wild-harvested hundreds of tons of free duckweed for feeding to chickens and as an effective mulch and compost add for his park. He'll talk about his methods for harvesting and how his poultry and plants respond to duckweed applications.  


Dr. Louis Landesman, "Dr. Duckweed" is known around the world for his expertise in integrated farming systems that include duckweed. He will discuss duckweed research done on feeding duckweed to tilapia and chickens, and offer tips on developing integrated farming systems that recycle nutrients and water over and over, using the engine power of duckweed and the sun.


Audio Recording of "Duckweed for Poultry and Tilapia"

"Domain Names and Registration Tutorial"

"Someone iwants $25,000 for!!!"  Sound familiar? Paul Fourounjian of Rutgers University Genomics research Dept. brings clarity  to the world of domain names, domainers, and cyber squatters. Additionally, Paul offers tips for reclaiming a domain or choosing a new one that will be better protected..Both an audio and written pdf of Paul's "Domain Name Beginner's Guide" are provided below.

Audio recording of "Domain Names and Registration Tutorial"

Domain Name Beginner's Guide- pdf version

"How To Conduct Duckweed Growth Trials"

Tamra Fakhoorian, Exec. Director ILA describes a straight-forward method for determining manure nutrient dilutions and duckweed growth trials. Learn: 
   Basic equipment for project
How to practice with equipment
How to set up simple growth trials
How to interpret results
“Old Faithful” method at keeping duckweed alive

Powerpoint  here

"Funding Duckweed Projects" Presentation

Ron Salpeter, principal of Hinoman, Ltd of Tel Aviv, Israel discusses how to develop strong business models for duckweed production that can attract investors. Q and A following his presentation.

"Duckweed Fertilization Tips" Workshop 

Dr. Louis Landesman leads an insightful hour of discussion on how to fertilize duckweed with locally available natural and artificial fertilizers. ILA Round Table members ask questions and offer additional thoughts.  

"Duckweed For India- A Businessman's Perspective"

                                                                                            Surendra Mohnot, Chairman of the Spa Group, Mumbai, India takes a visionary look at the challenges that face his home country and the solutions that duckweed offers. (two part interview with Tamra Fakhoorian, Exec Dir. ILA)

Part 1        

Part 2        

   "The Skillicorn Audio Files"

Paul Skillicorn, co-author of Duckweed Aquaculture: A New Aquatic Farming System for Developing Countries and CEO of Agriquatics, LLC shares his vast amount of experience concerning aspects of commercial duckweed production. Each audio clip is approx. five minutes in length. 

"How I Got Involved in Duckweed"  6:39          

"Shobuj Shona- The Untold Story" 7:49           

"Solar Drying of Duckweed"    5:51                          
 "Financially Viable Duckweed Niches"4:36         

"Wastewater Remediation With Duckweed: 
  Challenges and Opportunities"   4:32

"My Love Affair with Duckweed" by Dr. Klaus Appenroth

This rare 30 minute conversation with world-renowned duckweed researcher, Dr. Klaus Appenroth, will cover why after decades of research and over ninety publications in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals, he is more enamored of duckweed than ever.

He writes, "After some decades of professional dealing with this small family of plants (presently 37 members) as a researcher my first love did not cool down. Instead, I found several rational reasons for this long-lasting love affair." 

  Webcast audio now available.                              

"Methods for Duckweed Bioprospecting" by Tamra Fakhoorian 

ILA Exec. Director Tamra Fakhoorian has donned her sun hat and grabbed her nets and buckets many times over the years in search of new duckweed sources and species in her region. She will give a complete overview of her systematic approach to identification of ideal sources, the actual "bag and tag" method she uses and walks you through negotiations with property owners and mosquitoes alike. 

Webcast audio now available:  Click here

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