ILA Mission

Our Mission and Purpose

The International Lemna Association (ILA)  was formed to assist in the development of commercially-viable production and processes of duckweed and other aquatic species for renewable, sustainable products. Our membership consists of growers and researchers from around the world. 
Primary goals of the ILA are to:  

- Facilitate commercialization and market development of sustainably produced Lemnaceae species biomass for food, feedstuff, animal proteins, bioenergy and renewable/biodegradable materials, while offering wastewater remediation benefits whenever possible. 

 - Provide networking and collaboration opportunities for our members.

 - Maintain an state-of-the-science interactive online library on aquatic species research,  patents, and contributed materials by and for our membership. 

 - Develop standards for the industry.  

 - Offer educational training and professional development.  

 - Provide for public awareness, education, public policy support, public use, and open communication forums

Help us spread the word on duckweed around the world!

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