Get Involved

No matter your commercial or private interest in duckweed,  the ILA offers various ways to learn, network, and become active in commercial duckweed production. We invite you to take part in our free webinars and our LInkedIn Group "International Lemna Association".  Opportunities for advanced learned and networking include annual workshops and membership of our ILA Round Table where our members meet biweekly to conduct high-level confabs to develop the industry. Round Table membership also includes additional ILA support and consultation. 

General and Round Table Membership is open to all individuals and organizations, including 

- producers
- investors
- researchers
- end-users
- technology suppliers
- for profit and non profit groups
- educators and students 

Ask how you can enhance your ILA experience by volunteering your talents and gain even more knowledge and experience.     

Help us spread the word on duckweed around the world!

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