The 3rd International Conference on Duckweed Research and Applications held July, 2015 (ICDRA)

The 3rd ICDRA facilitated close interactions and coordination between duckweed researchers and application specialists July 3-6, 2015 at Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. A summary of conference proceedings can be found at

"Letter to Duckweed Friends"

ISCDRA (International Steering Committee on Duckweed Research and Applications)
publishes a quarterly newsletter, highlighting developments in duckweed research and applications from around the world

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2nd International Conference on Duckweed Research and Applications    (August, 2013)
While the conference might be over, the ripple effects go around the world. Researchers and growers from ten countries assembled for only the second time in history to share their research and developmental work in duckweed production. The next event is scheduled for July, 2015. Watch for updates.

Conference Program   

Conference Report 2013  by Proff. Eric Lam and Dr. Klaus Appenroth

Eduardo Merchovich from writes:

The Conference place, climate, food and hosts where just incredible.Eric, Ryan and the rest of the Team did a great job.In terms of information and knowledge, the conference was both wide(from genomics to physiology and application) and deep (solid worksand very valuable experiences). But where the event shined even morethan brightly, was in terms of the community building and humanrelationships.We knew many of you from your previous work, or e-communication. Butto be there in person, to share time, talk, food and really start toknow you all was deeply moving. To know that we are few, but so dedicated; that we share not only the belief of the possibilities of duckweed for our world, but were also committed to make it real...that was -and still is- inspiring.Together, there is not the smallest doubt: we will make it work.

“If you want to go fast, go alone;
if you want to go far, let's go together.”

Old African saying

ILA Interview with Dr. Klaus Appenroth as he discusses recent duckweed conference at Rutgers University    (09/09/13)   

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