Commercial Production

GreenSun Products, LLC, was founded in 2013 by Tamra Fakhoorian, Exec. Director of the ILA. The company focuses on sustainable duckweed production for the pet food industry, as well as R@D in other product lines. Her open house last fall garnered television coverage and visits from Kentucky State legislatures and the KY Agriculture Dept. 

Commercial production of duckweed spans over twenty years, with such notable examples as the PRISM project in Bangladesh, where founder Paul Skillicorn first used duckweed to remediate Mirzapur hospital wastewater, and then use the freshly harvested duckweed to feed local ponds of carp. The system has paid for itself many times over and is still working today.  A new project on the horizon is Olmito, TX where Paul and team will build a municipal wastewater remediation plant using duckweed. Again the resulting duckweed will serves as fish feedstock for a sustainable fisheries operation.  Visit for more information.

ILA member, Freddie Hebert is CEO of Louisiana Biofuel. He is currently funding a duckweed production to ethanol plant. The system uses a novel approach to handling distiller’s grains. Dry ingredients, (rice chaff, corn meal, soybean meal, molasses, minerals and calcium) will be added to the wet ethanol co-product to dilute the moisture content. The dry matter is then run through a pellet extruder and is machine packed in 50 pound bags for transport and sale. This process eliminates the need for a dryer and the same process produces a complete animal feed, not a supplement. Visit to learn more. 

Join our ILA Round Table to learn how you can begin commercial production of duckweed.
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