About Us

Our Mission and Purpose

The International Lemna Association (ILA) was formed in June of 2012 to assist in the development of commercially-viable production and processes of duckweed and other aquatic species for renewable, sustainable products. Our membership consists of producers and researchers from around the world. 

We are the first trade association in the world dedicated to large-scale production of the aquatic plant commonly known as duckweed. The  International Lemna Association, (ILA) seeks to bring duckweed and other aquatic species to the limelight of sustainable crops that out-produce terrestrial crops for protein and starches, while utilizing waste nutrients and water sources such as municipal and industrial wastewater streams.     Read More...

Nonprofit Status

The ILA  operates under the umbrella of Em[POWER] Energy Group, a 501C3 organization dedicated to helping impoverished families living in landfills improve their lives through sustainable use and reuse of available materials.  Read more...

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